11 Things only impatient people will understand


Prati person ki oka character trait untadi that vaallaki and evvarki nachadu. Basic ga churaku osthadi. One such character is, impatience. Such people ki ee article ankitham

1. Waiting anedi mana dictionary lo undadu and hence long queues are disgusting. Inkevarnanna undamantam queue lo and we move out of it.1.-Waiting-anedi-mana
2. When we do not find our phone for a second, we get just so mad and shout around without searching. Kani matter endi ante, adi akkade ni mana munde untadi.2.-When-we-do-not-find-our-phone
3. We hate when people do not lift our calls on one ring. Entha sepu wait cheyyali asalu!!!3.-We-hate-when-people
4. Office lo o system slow aithe chaalu, complains meeda complains pettestham.4.-Office-lo-o-system-slow-aithe
5. Traffic lo car nadipiyyadam or car lo undatam is damn irritating.5.-Traffic-lo-car-nadipiyyadam
6. Suspense movies chusthe..we get so uncontrollable while waiting for the climax.6.-Suspense-movies-chusthe..we
7. Hot food mana mundu unte…chaallaga ayye varaku aagaleka, we burn our mouth many times.7.-Hot-food-mana-mundu-unte
8. Oka boring class lo kurchoni kurchoni we get so impatient and often end up getting punished and sent out. 8.-Oka-boring-class-lo-kurchoni
9. Ipude ochestha…ani evaraina ani, ipude raakapothe, champestham!9.-Ipude-ochestha
10. Weight loss time lo kuda patient undamu. Oka two days wait chestham and we expect the weighing machine to show 10 kilos lesser.10.-Weight-loss-time
11. Restaurants lo food late teeskosthe, we feel like suing the hotel.11.-Restaurants-lo-food