11 Things We All Tried At least Once After Watching ‘Kushi’ & Those Days Were Crazy AF

#19yearsforkushi ivaltitho ee film oka euphoria appatiki ippatiki eppatiki. Faction cinemalu rule chestuna time adi, aa time lo oka simple love story tho box-office ni prathi okkari hearts ni rough aadinchesadu Power star.

So ee unknown facts records laa gola pakkana pettesi just aa rojullo Kushi movie impact ey range lo appati youth meeda undindo chuddam.

1) Me A 10 year school nibba after seeing kushi title card on screen

Meanwhile my father too…

2) No one: Everyone after watching kushi

3) No one: School Anniversaries, College Fests, Marriage Function exists

School Nibbas and college youth: Taggede ledu…

Meanwhile in marriage functions: prema ni panchina vela jagama anthe reyele

4) Kushi Dressing Style oka rangelo follow aipoyam

Aa cap t-shirts lopala t-shirt vesi shirt veyyadam appatlo ala undedi maa dedication

How I thought I will look after following PK:

But In Reality:

5) Appatlo andari cutting Kushi Hair Style ye…

6) No one:

Youth be like: We want kushi bags right now

7) Life lo ee dialogue cheppina situations chalane unnayi appatlo aithe mari nuuu

Bcoz I don’t care I am siddu siddardha roy

8) No One: People who have sannati girlfriends, lovers & wives

Ammaye Sannaga Ara Navve Navva Gaa…

Ippatiki ide song uu…

Me forever single remembering all these ammaye sannaga ara navve navva ga stunts

9) Bhoomika meeda oh range crush uu

Ippati mee crush Lu appati maa bhoomika meeda unde crush tho polchukunte pillalu raa meeru

10) After watching kushi climax aa rojullo couples be like:

11) The biggest villain in our lives…

1 Kushi

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