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11 Things you learn if you are in a long distance relationship!


Love is a feeling that makes us feel complete. Mana partner tho manam life complete ga feel aithe, manam chese prati pani and mana prati feeling vaallatho associate cheskuntam. Ade partner manaki chaaala dooram ga unte, there are many changes that you go through and learn a lot that vere eh experiences teach cheyyalevu.

1. Inthakmundu entha dependent unna kuda, vaallu manaki chaala dooram ga unte, we learn to be independent and do our works on our own. Starting lo difficult unna, we later find ourselves happy doing our work.1. Inthakmundu entha dependent unna

2. Trust yokka value nerchkuntam. Roju mana mundu leni person ni trust cheyyadame love ani telskuntam.

3. Patience anedi manaki unna daani kante ekkuva undali ani nerchkuntam.

4. Manam face chese difficult times lo vaallu almost untaru kaani lenappudu we will figure out ways to do them alone.

5. Mana passions and interests ni discover chese time dorukutundi and you will realize the creative side in you.

6. You will have your love grown bounds each time you meet the person.

7. You will learn to make decisions and choices on your own.

8. Time viluva telsukuntam. That little time we get to talk on phone or a video call becomes so precious.

9. We also become a pro at dividing our time frames for everything including the relationship.

10. Compromises cheyadam is necessary ani nerchkuntam. We understand what is more important.

11. Emotions become greater than material things.

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