12 Times Our Stars Fulfilled The ‘Last Wish’ Of Their Fans By Meeting Them


The craze our stars have within our region and population is known to everybody. Especially the biggies, who rarely even attend some filmy events, seeing them socializing outside is a very rare sight. But, for one common act, all the biggies stepped out of their comfort zone and helped in fulfilling their fan’s last wish

1. Pawan Kalyan

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last WishIn 2014, a critically ill young fan was undergoing treatment for suspected viral encephalitis at a private hospital in a Hyderabad. She expressed her wish to see her favourite actor a couple of days ago. The Make A Wish foundation contacted the film hero and he readily agreed to fulfill the wish of his young fan.

2. Mahesh Babu

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last WishIn August 2015, a fan who was suffering from a chronic disease was in a stage where it was incurable. This Boy expressed his desire to meet Mahesh Babu with his family members. The soft hearted Mahesh, who came to know about this boy through social media immediately made all the arrangements for the boy’s visit to Hyderabad from Kakinada along with his family.

3. Jr. NTR

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

Jr. NTR met his die hard fan from Bangalore who is now in his the last days and assured assistance to his family. He postponed his Kerala visit by a day to meet Nagarjuna and fulfill his last wish.

4. Balayya

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

While Balayya was busy shooting for his film Dictator near Manjeera Apartments, Gopalam Pally, Hyderabad, a 90 year-old-lady, Vijaya, from Vijayawada, who happens to be the resident of Manjeera apartments and the biggest fan of senior NTR and Balayya, wanted to meet him but she could not move. Balayya, who found out her condition went to her apartment and answered all the questions of her with so much patience

5. Dhanush

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last WishActor Dhanush who is known for his simplicity on screen and off screen visited one of his fans in hospital. A cute little kid Kaaleeshwari who was suffering from cancer wanted to meet Dhanush. Hearing about this, Dhanush immediately took some time off and went to meet her.

6. Allu Arjun

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

Sixty-five-year-old woman, who was suffering from cancer, wanted to meet Allu Arjun. And when the actor found out about this, he promptly flew down to meet her. She was a big fan of Allu Ramalingiah and said that she never had an opportunity to meet him then, but is now happy that she met his grandson.

7. Suriya Meets Child Artist and his fan.

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

8. Prabhas meets ill and sick child fan on request.


9. Shruthi Hassan meets Sheetal Pawar who’s suffering with Cancer

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

10. Ram Pothineni meets 5 year old Kid

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

11. Mahesh Babu meets 106 year old woman

Stars Fulfilled Their Fans Last Wish

12. Victory Venkatesh met his fan who is suffering from bone cancer and fulfilled his last wish.

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