11 Types of employees you see in every IT company


1. Nattinchamante Jeevinche typesoftwareVeelu manager or other employees mundu calm ga acting cheyyali ante…they just live it off.

2. Foodcourt priyudusoftwareX-“Hey! I’m at the food court. Come over whenever you are free”
Y-“Entha sepu untav akada?”
X-“Nenu ekkadki ponu nu ocheyyi”

3. Kopam tho narikese typessoftwareVeella name ante ne it is called bhayam. Deadlines miss aithe matram you are dead!

4. Coding panditulusoftwareDoubt unna, workload ekva unna….just life your seats and go to them

5. Holiday peoplesoftwareOffice ante resort ani feel ayye fellows they are. Edo oka reason cheptaru and all the extra work is on us! Huh!

6. Motivation expertssoftwareVeella gurinchi prati person ki telustadi. You do not know their desk number but u always recognize it by looking at the amount of quotations on the desk and the walls.

7. Leave professionals7 - leaveEvery week oka 3-4 days continuous ga ostharu. Aa tarvata at least 1 leave. Entante, they are never out of reasons for a leave!

8. Scanners8 - scannersDo not think of any technical terms for the name. They come only for the girls in the office. They know every detail about every girl in the workplace even if they are not from your team.

9. Brothers of Mukesh!9 - mukeshThey always want to smoke. Whatever be the problem or situation, dammu kottali anthe.

10. The right hand of Manager10 - managerWork vaallu chesina cheyyakapoina managers chuttu poyi impression kottesi edaina bumper offer estharu.

11. Love bubbles11 - loveThey are in love 24*7!