11 Types of teachers we meet at schools


When we are in school, our biggest problem is with a few teachers and another set of teachers also form the motivational persons in our lives. No matter what kind of teachers we meet, they are the most memorable days of our lives.

1. The no-teaching teacher1This teacher comes to class, wastes her time, asks us to read our textbooks and goes off!

2. The ‘kotte’ teacher2Prati problem ki solution is only kottadam. Kotti kotti champestundi manalni

3. The joyful teacher3-schoolSchool mothaniki she is the favorite. Andaritho chaala sweet ga untaru. Students ki kuda lessons ni enjoy chestu cheptharu.

4. The most experienced teacher4-schoolThis person is into this business since ages and her experience and discipline factors mundu manam paniki raamu.

5. The very strict teacher5.-The-very-strict-teacherTanani chusi prati student vaniki potharu. Class lo talking, book marchipovadam, homework cheyyakapovadam, no matter what the mistake is…..death is the only punishment.

6. The crazy sports teacher6.-The-crazy-sports-teacherShe or he is definitely a fitness and sport freak. And sport routines complete cheyakapothe, we are dead!

7. The overdressed teacher7.-The-overdressed-teacherShe is too much dressed for teaching at a school. Tana handbag lo enni cosmetics untay ante that we have to search for a simple pen.

8. The funny teacher8.-The-funny-teacherShe or he cracks the funniest jokes and vaalla class time aithe, we are so excited.

9. The philosophical teacher9.-The-philosophical-teacherTheir philosophies are out of the earth. Asal total pointless untay. 7th standard will be treated like an IAS exam!

10. The screaming teacher10.-The-screaming-teacherShe cannot talk. She can only shout. Simple things cheppaniki kuda it is only shouting.

11. The chalk chalk teacher11.-The-chalk-chalk-teacherShe has so much chalk thrown to the last benches than the ones she used to write on the board.