12 Countries Where You Can Drive With An Indian Licence


Road trips! Two words that equals happiness. Driving is 10 times more fun, minus the hassle of train stations and airports. Why spend money on an expensive flight when you can just rent a car and drive around these scenic countries on your Indian licence.

Getting an IDP (International Driving Permit) is recommended, and you can obtain one easily from your local RTO, provided you have all the required documents (Valid Driving Licence, Passport, Visa, CMV 4-A, CMV1, CMV1A, and photographs).

Here’s a list of road trip-friendly countries, where all you need is your Indian driving licence to take the wheel.

1. United States of America (Valid For an Year)

Road USA

2. United Kingdom (Valid For an Year)

Road UK

3. United Arab Emirates 

Road UAE1

4. Germany (Valid For Six months)

Road Germany

5. Australia (Valid For Three months)

Road Australia

6. Switzerland (Valid For an Year)

Raos Switzerland

7. France (Valid For an Year)

Road France

8. New Zealand (Valid For an Year)

Road New Zealand

9.South Africa (Valid For The period mentioned on you licence)

Road SA

10. Norway (Valid For Three Months)

Road Norway

11. Mauritius (Valid For 4 Weeks)

Road Mauritius

12.Spain (Valid for 6 months)

Road Spain