12 Dancing ante padi chachevaallaki matrame ankitham


Dancing ante andarki it is a fun pastime. Kani manaki it is more than passion. Here is to all those people who love dancing and for who dance every bit with their heart.

1. From childhood mana prati summer holidays lo dance class ki vellali. Lekapothe illu ni motham penta penta chestham.dance-1

2. Manaki entha china free time dorkina…room ki vellali door petteyyali and songs petkoni dance cheseyyali.dance-2

3. The moment you listen to music, edo aipothadi. You start tapping your feet first and you just want to get up from your seat and dance.dance-3

4. Mana close relations lo eh function aina kuda we are definitely in the dancing crew.4-dance

5. Manaki teliyani vaalla function lo dancing aithe matram we wait and wait till someone pulls us to the dance floor and tarvata inka stopping eh ledu.dance-5

6. Dussehra is our favorite festival because of the dandiya and garbha during navaratris.dance-6

7. After a very hectic day, manam eh pani cheyyalanna tired aipotham kani dance cheyyamante matram …. Tired aa?? Me aa?? Joke aa?? Ani expressions istham.dance-7

8. Manaki dance cheyyaniki training avasaram ledu. We just dance like ourselves!dance-8

9. Mana friends initki osthe..we dance so much and the is the favorite thing that we do together.dance-9

10. The happiest thing is when your entire family loves dancing!dance-10

11. We always dreamt of becoming a professional dancer and kudos to those who really did!dance-11

12. TV lo mana favorite shows are those which involve dancing. We almost try every routine possible.dance-12

Meeru kuda ilanti dancing freaks eh aithe…share your passion on dance and tag those friends who are such people!