12 Forgotten Cartoons shows from the 90’s


Kids now a days don’t know what they’ve missed! Ask us 90’s kids about the amazing cartoon shows we’ve seen! The shows which sadly no longer air today, were the ones we learnt so much from and enjoyed them to the core.

Looney Toons

p1Looney toons and baby Looney toons was something that had us all glued to the TV! Bugs bunny, Daffy duck, Tweety,Sylvester and Marvin became so popular that some of them started appearing on other Walt Disney shows as well! Having them all in one house and putting them in different situations just made our evenings then!

Tom and Jerry

p2Having to watch the cat and mouse run behind each other makes for some awesome memories! Jerry used to outsmart Tom, always, and even after knowing that Jerry is going to win every time, we used to be stuck to the TV watching how he managed to do that every single time!

The Powerpuff Girls

p3Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were these three amazing girls who could take on the world! Fighting evil and still managing to have fun being kids made this show so endearing. Every girl wanted to be like at least one of these three and who wouldn’t want to be kickass!

Dragon Tales

p4Having dragons as friends, in a magical world, listening to their conquests, helping them solve their problems was what two little kids used to do! This show was so good, that some still remember the title song of this show!


p5Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Oswald and Weenie! They were the most adorable little creatures! Oswald and Weenie with Daisy and Henry just took up most of our evenings when we were little.

Popeye The Sailor Man

p6He was one good sailor who along with Olive just managed to overcome all problems. Of course with a little bit of spinach! Who can ever forget Popeye flexing his arms and suddenly getting all those muscles with just one tin of spinach!

Dexter’s Laboratory

p7This tiny midget of a nerd was so inspiring with his discoveries! And of course we had his sister Dee Dee who was always trying to get in his way, but of course Dexter manages to push her out and be the genius that he is! This show became so popular that we had a new range of merchandise also. The TV series was also developed into a comic book series as well.

Bob the Builder

p8As soon as I think of Bob the Builder, I remember the title track of this show “Bob the Builder, karke dikhayenge, Bob the Builder, haan bhai haan!”Bob was this contactor who along with his friends and automated machines would take order of construction, repair and others.


p9When we are talking of cartoon shows how can we forget Noddy! Originally based on a book by Enid Blyton, this boy manaed to ‘make way’ in our hearts!

Scooby Doo

p10Fred, Daphne, Welma and Shaggy along with Scooby Dooby Doo managed to solve all the mysteries that existed around then. And they did all of this while having a lot of fun, and that too in panache! Their antics is what made them endearing!

Ed, Edd and Eddy

p11Ed is the strong dim-witted one of the group, Edd is is the inventor and the neat freak of the group and Eddy is the ill-tempered self-appointed leader of the group. And together the three of them try to con their neighbors and make money from them to have their favourite treats.

Dragon Ball

These and many more shows made up for some of the best evenings of our childhood. Shows like these and others like Johnny Bravo, Pingu, Courage the Cowardly dog, Recess and others make up for some amazing memories! Today’s shows are nothing compared to what we’ve seen! Do you guys agree?