12 Interesting Android smart phone apps & features we might not be aware of.


Phone lo kottadanam ante kottha apps download cheyyadam ankuntam or kottha back covers esi show cheyyadam. But there are many features that make us get excited about using our phones. Ee features andarki telidu and are very useful.

1. Photomath is an application that makes lengthy calculations easy. Edaina math problem di picture teesko and results ochesthay ventane.1 - PhotoMath

2. A phone can work like a remote too. Chaala latest ga vocchey phones lo infrared blasters untay that will help us use our handsets like remotes too.2 - Phone Remote

3. You can ask Cortana or Google Assistant about the song playing in the background. Avi song ni vini telsukoni manaki cheppesthai.3 - Cortana & Google Assiatant

4. You can scan your documents instantly with many applications like CamScanner. Sudden ga mail cheyyalsi osthe there are some instant options available.4 - Cm Scanner

5. IF ane application tho mana apps madhyala connection establish cheyyochu. This is definitely one interesting thing you might have to try out.5 - IF

6. ChangeTrack ane application tho meeru phone lo play chese songs ni change cheyyochu leaving them in your pockets. Phone volume buttons use chesi ila cheyyochu. Konni phones lo ide feature inbuilt undi.6 - Change Track

7. You can convert your webpage into PDF and access it anytime. Webpage open chesi. Browser setting lo share nokkandi. Andulo you can pick the option to convert the page into PDF.7 Webpage to Pdf

8. You can play the dinosaur game on chrome when there is no internet connectivity.8 - Dinasour Game 9. You can use smart lock so that intlo unappudu phone lock prathi saari open cheyyalsina avasaram ledu.9 - Smart Lock

10. There are special applications where you can convert your phone into a weighing scale.10 - Weight

11. Phone ni two window screen laaga convert cheskondi to make some tasks easy.11 - Double Screen

12. Google Goggles ane application tho you can search anything by clicking pictures with the camera instead of typing.12 - Google Goooles