12 Movies Titles That Were Repeated, But With A Different Subject


The more unique the movie title, the more attracted will be the audience. While you might not get a unique title every time, some simple ones have also proved to be winners many times. We also have some titles which have a earned a lot goodwill for the classic hits they have been. And for the 75 years history Telugu cinema has got, we have our bit of classic titles in our records.

Banking on these, there have been a few films who have adopted the same titles for their subjects. While we are not talking about their performances, we are just having a look at those movie titles who have repeated themselves even though they have different subject in place.

1.Devadasmovie titles2.Malliswarimovie titles3.Gentlemanmovie titles4.Geetanjalimovie titles

5.Missammamovie titles6.Dongatamovie titles7.Yamudu ki Mogudumovie titles

8.Prathighatanamovie titles9.Gharshanamovie titles10.Mosagaalaku Mosagaadu10 - takari donga

11.Brindavanam11 - brindhavanam

12.Shankarabharanam12 - shaka baram13.Tholiprema13 - tholi prema