12 of the many Telugu movies which have won the National Award!


National award is one of several awards presented for feature films. The National Film Awards, established in 1954, are the most prominent film awards in India that merit the best of the Indian cinema. Awards for films in seven regional languages (Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu) started from 2nd National Film Awards which were presented on 21 December 1955. This award considers all the aspects of film making than individual area. It is great honors for a film maker to have his film win a National Award.
Here are a few films of the many that have won this prestigious award.

1. Baahubali the beginning – 2015


2. Kanche – 2015

2nandi-awards3. Na Bangaaru Thalli – 2013

3nandi-awards4. Eega – 2012

4nandi-awards5. Aithe – 2003

5nandi-awards6. Nuvve kavali – 2000

6nandi-awards7. Kalisundam ra – 1999

7nandi-awards8. Tholi prema – 1998

8nandi-awards9. Sindhooram – 1997

9nandi-awards10. Ninne pelladtha – 1996

10nandi-awards11. Seethakoka Chiluka – 1981

11nandi-awards12. Lava Kusa – 1963