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12 Signs That Prove You Are A True & Ultimate Foodie!


Ooru maruthe peru maruthundhi , neeru maruthundhi kani thine thindi quantity ela maruthundhi ra fool..Yes ilanti maatalu manam prathi foodie nunchi vintune untam. Asalu enti e foodies ante..eppudu tinadam ane pani kakunda food tinadam , adhi bagundha ledha chepadam & manaku teliyani food places gurunchi kuda chepagaladam.

Basically foodies ki idhe tinali , ikade tinali ani undadhu. Nachuthe road midha ayina sare star hotel ayina okate velli tinyadame..so , e foodies category lo Meru unara ledha , vala qualities ento oka look veyandi.

Your motto is ‘live to eat’ not ‘eat to live’.

1. Food is life 24*7

2. You are always hungry

3. There is nothing like diet in your life

4. You just cannot order one item in the menu

5. Sweets are must in your lunch and dinner & SNACKS

6. Parties are just for food

7. People ask your suggestion for going to restaurants

8. You are serious at reviewing food

9. Your 60% money is spent on food

10. You have knowledge on almost every food point

11. You have all food apps on your phone

12 . Most of the times you just travel to have food

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