12 Things you will relate to, if you have a younger sister at home!


Intlo Masti cheyyali ante…oka sibling undali. Oka chinna sister unte oche anandam is something that cannot be defined. Life lo anytime we have that person’s hand with us. The two have an understanding roll that can be understood only among themselves. From being kids to being adults, they have some memories that cannot be limited.

For all those who have a younger sister, this should be something you will relate to.

1. We have the funniest inside jokes. Evarki explain cheyyamu. They are funny only when they are among you both.SISTER

2. It is just impossible to stay angry at her for a longer period of time. She can make you smile with all the stupid things that she comes up with and you simply cannot be serious with her.SISTER

3. Mee iddari Madhya any secret is a tight one. Evarki telise chance eh ledu. And aa secrets ni ardham cheskuntaru.SISTER

4. You both have the best selfies together; too much love ante too much smile kadaa!SISTER

5. The chitti chelle becomes the sweet little princess of your fairy tale.SISTER

6. Manaki money avasaram unte, akkkaaa/annnaaaa…..ani pilusthe chaalu.SISTER

7. Intlo parents ni oppinchadam is the easiest because we are the sweethearts of our older siblings.SISTER

8. Maths or science or any subject lo eh problem ochina kuda..no tension. Chinni chelli ki explain cheyyaniki full house eh ochesthadu.SISTER

9. Manaki icecream eh time kavalanna kuda manam okka keka esthe chaalu.9 - ice creanm

10. Manam shopping cheskoniki the best companion.10 - shooping

11. Manam entha kothi panulu cheshna asalu feel avvaru.11 - ileana

12. We have so much to talk about our sister everywhere we go.12 - raja shekar