12 Types Of Indian Parathas That You Must Try Atleast Once In Your Life


Parathas have been a huge part of the Indian cuisine for years now. They are healthy, filling and super simple to make. They are the most desi and local dishes, made with regional flavours and loaded with oil or ghee, they are everyone’s favourite. From Aloo Parathas to Malabar Parathas, every state adds its own flavours suiting to the local’s needs.
So, here are 12 types of Indian Parathas which most of us grew up eating.

1.Aloo Paratha

1 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesAloo Paratha is a classic. It is made in almost every household. On a lazy day, it is the best friend you need. Parathas made with mashed potatoes, spices and herbs, dipped with curd or pudina chutney is the best combination ever. Drools already!

2.Cheese Paratha

2 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesGoey and filled with lots of cheese, you ought to try these parathas, if you love your cheese. Honestly, they are the best kind and you can never stop with just one. You either add cheese in the dough or once you fry your parathas, add them as a topping.

3.Anda Paratha

3 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesYou can never go wrong with eggs. Eggs are super versatile and go with almost everything. There are two ways to make an Anda Paratha. You can make bhurji with your favourite spices and add it to the paratha batter and prepare them. Or, while frying the paratha, beat and egg pour over the paratha and fry it. Who has started to make one already?

4.Garlic Paratha

4 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesHave you ever tried a Garlic Paratha? If you haven’t then you must try it right away. Crunchy, crispy, Garlic Parathas have a distinct and unique flavour because of its high garlic content. Mashed or thinly slice garlic, with lots of ghee is added to the paratha batter and then cooked. Garlic Parathe goes great with a simple red chutney.

5.Green Chillies Paratha

5 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesSpicy lovers, this is just for you. If you are always looking for ways to infuse spice of some sort in your food, then must try Hara Mirchi/Green Chillies parathe. Thinly sliced green chillies are added to the batter and the parathas are fried. Try to avoid any kinds of masalas, as your green chillies flavour might be lost.

6.Achaar Paratha

6 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesAchaar/Pachhadi is our all-time favourite. It makes even bland food taste like heaven. And, making Achaar Paratha is the easiest. Take two-three spoons for your favourite Achaar and mix it with the paratha batter. Fry these and have them with onions and Tawa burnt green chillies.

7.Malabar Paratha

7 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesYou must be familiar with Laccha paratha. Malabar Paratha or the Kerala Porotta is similar to that of North’s Laccha Paratha. Usually served with a meat-based dish, what differentiates Malabar from Laccha is that baking powder and sugar are added to make the parathas flavourful and flaky.

8.Dal ka Paratha

8 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesDal Parathas are super comforting and usually do not require a side-dish. Usually, Dal fry is mixed with the batter or you can also use leafy dal or tomato dal as a filling. Also, if you have some leftover dal at home, you know what to do with it next.

9.Palak Paratha

9 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesPalak or Spinach is highly nutritious and is great for health. So if you are looking to make your Parathas healthy, add some palak cooked with your favourite spices in the batter. You can also just add boiled palak and mix it with your batter and fry it with ghee. So good, that you will keep going back to this recipe each time.

10.Coconut Paratha

10 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesWant to add a small twist to your parathas? Then add freshly grated coconut to the batter. If you do not have access to fresh coconuts, you can also add dry coconut powder to the paratha batter. Coconut Parathas are unique and taste great sugar syrup or imly chutney.

11.Gud/Gur Paratha

11 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesIf you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this is it for you. Gud or Gur Parathas are basically made with jaggery. The batter is loaded with jaggery and the spices and masalas are usually avoided to keep them sweet. You can have them as breakfast, meal or even as a dessert. Try them with milk and there’s no going back from that.

12.Kheema Paratha

12 12 Indian Parathas Everyone LovesHow can we talk of Parathas and not mention Kheema Paratha? This is an absolute delight for the meat-lovers. Minced meat like Chicken and Mutton is cooked in spices, herbs and mixed with the paratha batter. Nothing gets better than a Kheema Paratha.