12 Types of selfie people we come across in our lives


Photos digatam has been everyone’s madness since a few years and now photography made a leap into selfies. Ipudu aithe ekada chushna kuda selfies eh. Situation edi una kuda selfies eh untay! Ilanto vaallu chaala chaala types untaru. Lets see a few types

1. Travelling selfie peopleselfieTravel cheshnapudu..place ni chudakunda selfie ni click cheskuntaru.

2. Pout selfie peopleselfieSelfie evartho click cheshna kuda..it should be a pout face only. Vaalla selfie album chusthe anni pouts eh untay!

3. Selfie auntsselfiePillalani chusi their mothers and aunts kuda selfies digutunnaru with some smiley faces.

4. Snapchat selfieselfiePlain selfies bore kottinaka they come to snapchat for some crazy funny selfies. Deer faced, dog faced and many more.

5. Face swapselfieSnapchat lo idi oka filter and veellu evarni kalisina kuda first picture lo they try face swapping with them and have a laugh!

6. The mount Everest selfie peopleselfieThese people take selfies putting their hands as high as they can reach!

7. Food selfie peopleselfieTine mundu and tinetapudu and tinna tarvata food tho or company tho selfie is mandatory.

8. The selfie show off peopleselfieVeellaki selfie lo what is important ante..vaalla accessories and dress brands avanni okka selfie lo kanpiyyali. And they got the talent too!

9. The love selfie peopleselfieThese people love taking selfies with their love 

10. The group selfie peopleselfieThey are the experts in the group to click a selfie that can accommodate any number of people!

11. The professional selfie peopleselfieThese people know elanti light and décor lo selfie click chesthe bauntadi ani. They do all sorts of calculations and click the selfie.

12. The mirror selfie peopleselfieThese people take selfies from the mirror. That way you can include your entire attire in just one picture!!!