12 Types of sleeping people!


Sleep lo em chesthamo em cheyyamo manaki telidu kani when we notice other do things, it is a full fledged form of entertainment.

1. Those who sleep in just one position throughout the night.1 sleeping

2. Those who sleep like a moving clock2 sleeping

3. Those who talk and shout and hit in sleep3 sleeping

4. Those who cry in sleep5 sleeping

5. Those who sleep ante…. iga they are alive or not ani doubt ochela they sleep5-sleeping2

6. For a very very small sound also some wake up.6-sleeping

7. Those who put legs and hands on the person next to them7 sleeping

8. Those who do a lot of adventures in sleep and do not agree to anything after waking up.8 sleeping

9. Those who dream so many unusual things and share them like a Rajamouli story.9 sleeping

10. Those who sleep in the morning and get up in the morning (night Oka 3-4 ki padkoni Malli 10 ki ala levadam)10 sleeping

11. Those who sleep at night and get up when dark (those who sleep at 9 sharp at night and wake up at 4 in the morning)11 sleeping

12. Those who fall off from their bed during sleep!12 sleeping