14 Handsome Villains Who Stole Our Hearts Being A Bad Boy!


Movie lo hero ni chaaala handsome and good boy laaga chupinchina kuda.. there are konni villains who just melted our hearts. Vaala handsome quotient was so much in competition with the hero. Just that they lack the lady love in the movie. Veella handsomeness is entirely not about cuteness. It is about the deepness in the character and also hotness 😛

1. Sarainodu – Aadhi Pinisettyhandsome villains2. Jil – Kabir Duhan Singhhandsome villains3. Raktha Charitra 2 – Suryahandsome villains4. Panja – Adivi Seshhandsome villains5. Baadshah – Navdeephandsome villains6. Raktha Charitra 2 – Vivek Oberoihandsome villains7. Varudu – Aryahandsome villains8. Pournami – Rahul Devhandsome villains9. Kanche – Nikitin Dheerhandsome villains10. Super – Sonu Soodhandsome villains11. KICK- Shamshuddin Ibrahimhandsome villains12. Ooservelli – Vidyut Jamwalhandsome villains13. Varsham- Gopi Chand13 - gopi chanad14. Leader- Subbaraju14 - leader