14 Similar Places To Visit In India Before You Travel Abroad


Travelling is not only an active we do to de-stress ourselves, but it also involves discovering oneself. Travelling places is one of the best favour you can do to yourself. It relaxes you mind, body and soul. India without doubt has many destinations to travel. One only needs to explore and you can find your peace anywhere you wish to.

Travelling the world would be on many people’s agenda, but just before you take off on that mission, here check out these similar places to visit in India before your travel abroad.

Your time will definitely be worth it!!

1. Pay a visit to India Gate before you take a selfie at Arc de Triomphe in France


2. Before you chill on the beaches of Brazil, give the beaches of Goa a chance.


3. Shouldn’t you explore the tulip gardens of Srinagar before Amsterdam?


4. Visit Qutub Minar in Delhi before you visit Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.


5. Shouldn’t you explore Kashmir before visiting Switzerland?


6. Gandikota Hills in Andhra Pradesh and Grand Canyon. Don’t they look same?

Gandikota-Grand Canyon

7. Tea leaves at Munnar in Kerala and Boh Tea Plantation in Malaysia will be equally fragrant.


8. The marvellous Jal Mahal in Jaipur and the Trakai Castle of Lithuania.


9. The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer and Sahara Desert in Morocco share the same folklores.


10. Visit the Rann of kutch in Gujarat before you visit Bonneville Salt Flats in America

Rann of Kutch- Bonneville

11. Be like a king at Lake Palace in Udaipur and Lazienki Palace in Poland


12. Take a backwater ride in Alleppey before you do that in Venice?


13. Notice the difference between the experiences in Andaman and experiences in Spain


14. Bangalore Castle is said to be inspired by Windsor Castle in England

Bangalore - Windsor