Class 6 student of Hyderabad fills the potholes on roads to avoid accidents!


Telangana department of Roads and Buildings were given serious orders by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on 1st of May to fill up all the potholes by the end of the month, keeping in mind the heavy monsoon season. Rao announced that the necessary funds would be released from the budget. He even warned that if any potholes were found on any of the roads, stringent action would be taken against officials. But here is July and as usual roads in Telangana, especially in the capital city of Hyderabad, are not even close to normal. Just for a small drizzle in a day, the roads pose extreme threat to the commuters. In a recent survey, it is found that a 1 km stretch of road near manikonda had freaking 2000 potholes. Such worse is the condition here.

Twelve-year-old Ravi Teja knows about the dangers a potholed road holds.The boy from Habsiguda area in Hyderabad recently saw a family of three on a motorcycle fall on one such road while avoiding a pothole and succumbing to head injuries. Teja, the son of construction worker D Suryanarayana and homemaker Nagamani, thought it was better to take up the task of repairing the road himself rather than depending on civic authorities, who have turned a blind eye towards the potholes.

Teja collected broken bricks, gravel and stones from nearby areas and started filling the potholes with them. Braving dust and pollution on the busy road, Teja worked for hours to patiently repair the potholes.The actions of the Class 6 student at a local government school caught the attention of the locals, who appreciated his civic responsibility.

“After watching the accident on the Habsiguda road, I thought I should do something from my side to see that such accidents do not recur,” Teja exclaimed. “Nobody told me to do so. I did it on my own. And, I will continue to do it. I have been doing it for the last one week, whenever I get the time.”

When a 14 year old can do his bit to avoid mishaps, it is high time the officials open their eyes and concentrate on making the roads better for commuters to drive peacefully.