Tribute: Watch Chiranjeevi’s 149 movies in one video!

When you say an actor has done, 100+ or 200+ movies, how many of them you actually saw and how many of them you actually know or you are at least aware of? We all know it is tough.

Megastar Chiranjeevi, the name itself conveys the magnanimity of a star. He took the Telugu industry by storm and made a benchmark of being a true star not only through his movies but through his social deeds. He climbed the ladder of success and became a success story with a great substance. When we look back at the pages of history he has written for himself, every movie conveys not only his hard work but his passion and dedication towards cinema.

Before his 150th movie arrives lets take a look back at all his movies in a glance. Here is a tribute to his journey of all his 149 movies combined into one video for his outstanding contribution to Telugu and Indian Cinema. We might not have seen each and every movie, so lets take a look back at his movie timeline to see how many of them do we know. Check and let us know how many movies of these have you watched

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