15 Best Kannada Movies One Shouldn’t Miss Watching On Prime

OTT platform has created a wide range of opportunities and platforms for movie buffs who can explore movies in any language and around the globe. And Prime from Amazon is one of its kind in delivering entertainment at doorstep. If you are bored and confused about what to watch on Prime ?

If so, we suggest you watch these best Kannada movies available on Prime…

1. Dia
1 Dia

2. Kavaludaari
2 Kava3. Love Mocktail
3 Love
4. Nanna Prakara
4 Nanna5. Katheyondu Shuruvaagide
5 Kahtonedo6. Humble Politician Nograj
6 Humble7. Daughter of Parvathamma
7 Parvathamma

8. Katha Sangma
8 Katha9. Malgudi Days
9.10. Gantumoote
10 Ghantu11. Chambal
11 Jhambu12. Devaki
12 Devvki13. Kapata Nataka Patradaari
13 Kapta14. Gubbi Mele Nrahmastra
14 Gubbi Mele Nrahmastra15. Babru
15 Babru

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