15 Emojis We Use Everyday, But Don’t Have An Idea Of These Emoji Names And Their Usage


Morning lechina daggara nundi night padukune mundu varaku mobiles, chatting anedi basic thing aipoindi mana andari life lo. Ika ee chatting lo manam feel aiyyedi edaina cheppalante… different emojis and ee madhya stickers tho cheppesthunnam.

Sad unnam ani cheppadaniki oka Emoji… Happy unnam ani cheppadaniki oka Emoji… Sick unnam ani cheppadaniki oka Emoji almost ila mana daily life things ni explain cheyadaniki Emojis chala unnayi.

Kani manalo entha varaku manam use chese Emoji names telusu? Naku telisi winking face, kissing face, thinking face lanti basic emojis and emoji names thappa manalo chala mandiki other Emoji names telisi undavu!

So… we curated a list of emojis and emoji names we use mostly in our daily life.

1. Grinning Face

Grinning FaceIt looks so joyful and kind, we use this emoji in the context of laughing, rejoicing, and being excited.

2. Face with tears of joy

Emoji'sEmoji that represents someone laughing so hard that tears are streaming down their face.

3. Hugging Face Emoji

Emoji'sA yellow face smiling with open hands as if giving a hug and indicating such feelings as excitement, enthusiasm, or a sense of flourishment or accomplishment.

4. Lying Face

Emoji'sThis emoji represents lying, a liar, and other concepts of deceit and dishonesty to varying degrees of intensity.

5. Shrugging Emoji

Emoji'sThis Emoji is to indicate a lack of knowledge about a particular topic, or a lack of concern about the result of a situation.

6. Dizzy Face

Emoji'sMany of us don’t know why we use this Emoji and what exactly X’s in the emoji stands for? We use this Emoji to express feelings such as shock, surprise, disbelief, awe, amazement etc.

7. Nauseated Face

Emoji'sThis sick-green with concerned eyes and puffed emoji represents physical illness or general disgust.

8. Flushed Face

Emoji'sSlightly blushed cheeks, wide eyes and flat mouth emoji represent or symbolize embarrassment, confusion, or shame.

9. Frowning Face

Emoji'sSad face, frown emoji indicates concern or disappointment and affectionate sadness, as when missing a loved one.

10. Grawlixes Face or Face With Symbols On Mouth

Emoji's@,#,$, and ! These typographical symbols are referred to as grawlixes and these symbols on the mouth of emojis used to convey an outburst of anger, frustration, or rage.

11. Face Savoring Food

Emoji'sFace with smiling eyes, closed smile and tongue sticking out from one corner of the mouth it exactly conveys the yummy feeling, drooling for food, and taste of the food.

12. Grinning Face With Sweat

Emoji'sThis emoji is almost similar to Grinning Face but has a blue bead of sweat symbol which actually indicates the discomfort and close a call.

13. Downcast Face With Sweat

Emoji'sSad face with closed eyes and mouth with the bead of sweat dripping from its forehead commonly conveys a moderate degree of sadness, pain, frustration, and disappointment.

14. Money-Mouth Face

Emoji'sFace with 2 dollar signs on eyes and banknote on tongue Used for a wide range of content dealing with money, including making money, loving wealth, being or feeling rich, and concepts of success and excellence.

15. Astonished Face

Emoji'sFace with open eyes, raised eyebrows, and an open mouth, as if gasping in shock or surprise conveys a wide range of emotions, including awe, amazement, admiration, disbelief, excitement.