15 New year resolutions we all make everytime


New year ante..edo oka resolution teeskovalani anpisthadi. And certain resolutions pakka teeskuntam but konni sarlu avi fulfill cheyyam. Here are a few such resolutions

1. Start an exercise and lose weight.resolutions
2. Eat healthier and stop eating junk.resolutions
3. Spend less time on Facebook or any other social network.resolutions4. Novels ni chadavatam start cheyyali.resolutions5. Clear all your backlogs and not to maintain any from the coming semesterresolutions6. Quit smoking and drinking.resolutions7. Coming year nunchi na vocabulary ni oka range lo improve chestharesolutions8. Be punctual.resolutions9. Spend more time with family.9 New Year resolutions10. Travel more.10 New Year resolutions11. I am joining a gym next year!11 New Year resolutions12. Stop being lazy.12 New Year resolutions13. Money ekva karchu pettodhu.13 New Year resolutions14. Ee year nunchi pakka jaldi padukunta and jaldi lestha.14 New Year resolutions15. And the last one, be more awesome than last year15 New Year resolutions