15 Things You Can Do In India But Not At All In Other Countries!

Manam mana country lo chala free ga, happy ga untunam enti nammatledha? Avnu ikkada manam day to day life lo normal ga chese konni panulu vere countries lo chesthe simple ga arrest chesi jail lo pedataru thelsa? So sad to know but true. Idhi chadhivina dhaggar nundi ah panulenta ani anukutunnara? Inkendhuku late mari check them out immediately by scrolling down the screen!!

1.Not smiling:

India Vs Other Countries

Manaki evari tho aina argument aithe chala kopam ga untam. Asal ah kopamlo sariga matladame ekkuva alantidhi navvadam ante impossible! But you have to stay away from Italy if you are such kind of a person. Endhukante akkada navvapoina arrest cheyyochu anta! So we may always find Happy-go-lucky-people in Italy.


India Vs Other Countries

Cinema theatre lo movie chusthunnapudu mana favourite hero osthe whistle veyyakunda untama? At least college function lo mana friend dance esthunappudu? Can we stay without whistling when situation demands? Impossible kadha But in Ontario’s Petrolia people aren’t allowed to scream, shout, sing or whistle loudly.

3.Naming your baby:

India Vs Other Countries

Idhaithe too much kadha? In the country of Denmark, it is not allowed to name your kid as per you will. 7000 baby names tho oka official list untundhi.. ah list lo nunde manam name ni select cheyyalanta. In case if you are not willing to choose among them, you have to seek government permission.

4.Eating food in public.

India Vs Other Countries

Idhi aithe manam almost weekly twice or thrice chese paney! Street food ante istamunna vallu Ramzan season lo Arabic states ki velloddhu endhukante people over there observe a fast during Ramzan. Ah time lo manam public places lo food thinadam lantivi chesthe, they might arrest us.

5.Wearing heels:

India Vs Other Countries

Enti heels eskodam kuda thappena? Ani anukuntunnara? Greece lo mathram adhi thappe. Avnu especially historical events ki aithe heels assalu allow cheyyaranta.

6.Celebrating Valentines day:

India Vs Other Countries

February 14 is considered as the day of love. While every country allows its citizens to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have banned it. Papam kadha?

7.Chewing gums.

India Vs Other Countries

A lot of us are used to chewing gums every day, kani Singapore lo idhi kudharadhu! Doctor recommend chesthene kani allow cheyyaru. Stress ledha emanna dental problems untene you will be allowed to eat gum!


India Vs Other Countries

Ikkada manam jogging chesthe chala manchidhi ani cheppe vallani chusi untam. Considered as a healthy habit across the world, jogging in groups was banned by the government of Burundi (East Africa) in 2014.

9.Using abusive language:

India Vs Other Countries

Idhi mathram mana country lo kuda strict ga implement chesthe bavundu anipisthundhi! Evariki varu ekkada padithe akkada sometimes without a reason they use abusive language which effect themselves and also many people around. Getting caught in the fights and exchanging abusive words is pretty casual in our country but totally unacceptable in Australia’s Kings Island, Australia and New South Whales.

10.Changing the bulb:

India Vs Other Countries

Enni sarlu me intlo bulb marchi untaru? Chala sarlu kadha. Manam andharam chese untam. But strangely enough, in Australia’s Victoria, you cannot change until your licensed electrician arrives. You could be fined also..So be careful!

11.Wearing short dresses:

India Vs Other Countries

Basic ga ilanti rules Iran and Saudi Arabia countries lo untay! Women are supposed to wear clothes which cover their arms and legs in order to avoid gathering attention.

12.Drinking alcohol:

India Vs Other Countries

E rule kuda Saudi loney undhi. General ga age groups ni batti alcohol theeskovala vaddha anna rules untay kani suadi lo it is totally banned. Even the tourists are strictly monitored.

13.Being overweight:

India Vs Other Countries

We will eat whatever we want ani manam chala sarlu ani untam kani Japan lo overweight ni akkada government bare cheyyadhu. Oka rakanga alochisthe fit and healthy ga undadam kuda manchidhe kani akkadau After the age of 40, men are supposed to have a waistline of 31 inches and women are supposed to maintain it to 35 inches. Not a single inch more than that!

14.Feeding birds:

India Vs Other Countries

Summer season lo birds kosam water peduthuntam. Bird lovers aithe avi unde place ki velli they start feeding them. Kani in Venice it is illegal to feed birds. You will be fined with more than $700 if you do that in St. Mark’s Square.

15.Pushing the car:

India Vs Other Countries

Ikkada mana country lo common ga idhi jaruguthu untundhi, but People in Autobahn always need to make sure that their car doesn’t run out of gas or fuel! Yes, it is illegal to stand on the highway or push the car in Germany’s Autobahn.

So these are some interesting things to know about the laws of other countries. In case meeku inka emanna thelisi unte comment and let me know. Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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