15 Venkatesh movies that we never want to miss!

This man is known for his style and charm. He has got talent that many do not have. Age is just a number; as long as you live your life to the fullest, you are always young. He has starred in around 72 films so far and there are many more yet to come. He has done films of every genre and has always been entertaining. His first screen presence was in the movie ‘Prem Nagar’ as a child artist. He then gave a debut for Kaliyuga Pandavulu and won a Nandi Award for the best male debut actor too. He also worked in a bollywood film, Taqdeerwala alongside Raveena Tandon.

Here are some films that we can never erase off our memory disks! A hit or a miss, the film is something to cherish about because of Venky’s presence.

1. Swarnakamalam1venky

2. Brahma Putrudu2venky

3. Bobbili Raja3venky

4. Kshana Kshanam4venky-1

5. Dharma Chakram5venky

6. Devi Putrudu6venky-1

7. Ganesh7venky

8. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav8venky

9. Mallishwari9venky

10. Gharshana10venky

11. Eenadu11venky

12. Masala12venky

13. Gopala Gopala13venky

14. Premam
It was a tiny bit cameo appearance. But surely most of them loved it for every fan of Venkatesh.14venky

15. Guru
This is yet to come and we are so looking forward to this film!!!!!15venky

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