7 Kinds of Indians You find on Tinder

Tinder is the most famous dating apps among the Indian youth today. The logic is simple. You sign up using Facebook and the app picks up your recent display pictures to show on your Tinder profile. Once signed up, you are presented with profiles of other users. You swipe right if you like the profile, left if you don’t! Every person who uses Tinder has or will in the due course of time come across these typical profiles:


  1. The Bollywood celeb:1 (3)


The real stars!?! Oh no! The imposters are who we are talking about. There are quite a few profiles on Tinder with display pictures of a celebrity – Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and many more. This user is either too dumb to believe they might get a lot more matches because they have a celebrities picture as the profile picture or they are too smart for their own good. I wonder what these users were smoking when they signed up for a Tinder account.


  1. The creep:
    2 (1)
    Picture Credits: www.Funvblog.com

I use Tinder frequently and seldom I have come across these creepy guys who have no idea how to impress a girl. They really don’t want to either. They are on the app just for some ‘fun’. One of the guys I was matched with used ‘Your place or mine?’ as his opening line. How do you respond to that -Unmatched!


  1. The Married one:
3 (1)
Picture credits: www.betcheslovethis.com

A bio of a profile read – I am happily married. Here only to make friends.
Believe it or not, there are quite a few people on Tinder who are married. Some chose to hide it and some flaunt it openly. I wonder if their spouses know and approve of their Tinder escapades. But then again, who are we to judge. To each his own.



Picture credits: www.buzzfeed.com

Have you ever been in a place and wondered – ‘What am I doing here?’ A few users on the app have absolutely no clue of what they signed up for. Some actually are too slow in their head to understand while others just pretend to be lost so some knight could rescue them and win her heart over. I once had a guy ask me – ‘So, how does this work now? Do I get to meet your parents?’ I politely directed him to the shaadi.com site.



Picture credits: www.twitter.com

Tinder first gained popularity in the sports circle during the Olympics. Plenty sportspersons used the app to mingle with other sportspersons during the tournament. The Olympics concluded and so did many athletes profiles on Tinder. But a few were left behind. Over the few months of experience on Tinder, I have had the privileged of matching with IPL cricketers, badminton players and national team India cricketers.



The mystery man

The biggest threat on Tinder is the uncertainty in terms of the identity. You can never be sure if a profile is fake or genuine. One out of 10 profiles on Tinder has no profile picture. My guess is as good as yours. The person using the profiles is Mr. India or a top secret Spy on a top secret mission!



Picture Credit: www.Vagendamagazine.com
Picture Credit: www.Vagendamagazine.com


If you spend enough time on Tinder, you will be trained to read profile and faces. Also, if you manage to wade your way through the wrong ones and if you’re lucky, you might occasionally find a person who is decent and with whom you can have a real world conversation. Such profiles are a rarity. Hold on to them!

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