16 Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong Your Entire Life

  1. Reheat leftover pizza in a skillet/pan on the stove, rather than in the oven or microwave


2. Store ice cream in a freezer bag to stop it from getting too hard to scoop.


3. The tabs on drink cans double as holders to keep your straw in place.


4. It’s easier to pour from a carton when you hold it the other way around


5. This is how you apply cheese on bread


6. Remove tiny pieces of eggshell using the larger shell


7. Bananas are a lot easier to peel from the bottom.


8. Use a spoon to peel ginger without losing half of it.


9. Use a straw to remove the stem from strawberries


10. Use the Chinese take-out box as a plate


11. Use your pinky fingers to avoid burger spillage


12. Twist the bone to remove it from chicken wings


13. This is how you peel oranges


14. Cupcake Hack


15. Eat Oreos like this


16. Peel Mangoes easily with a glass

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