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Abbreviations Of 20 Common Things That We Use In Our Daily Life


AM-PM, SMS, GPS, enti ivi enduku chepthunaru ankuntunara?… Akkadike vasthunnam mana daily mechanical life lo morning lechina daggara nundi mobile lo SMS, location tracker GPS, emails lo CC, BCC, Whatsapp lo GIFS, lanti regular words vintam use chestuntam. But, daily use chese GPS, CC, BCC lanti abbreviations words ki full forms telusa? Definite ga telisi undadu…..

Find below useful abbreviation full forms which we use in our daily life.

1. GPS – Global Positioning System

2. SMS – Short Message Service

3. AM/PM – Anti Meridiem – Before Noon/Post Meriden-Afternoon

4. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

5. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language

6. GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

7. JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

8. SQL – Structured Query Language

9. ISP – Internet Service Provider

10.LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

11.CC/BCC – Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy

12. PDF – Portable Document Format

13. URL – Uniform Resource Locator

14. SD Card – Secure Digital Card

15. CC TV – Closed Circuit Television

16. UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India

17. ISI – Indian Standard Institute

18. PAN – Permanent Account Number

19. VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seize

20. PIN – Personal Identification Number

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