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18 Insane Humor-Filled Advertising & Sign Boards That Only Exist In India


Being second largest populated country in the world, our nation exists with different religions, different people, and their cultures. But in our daily competitive life, some business individuals, shopkeepers, supermarkets, and other outlets use unique marketing strategies to promote their products. However, they were not aware of spelling mistakes, a content mistake in their advertising mediums like hoardings, advertising boards, advertise palm plates, etc. Not only business individuals, we can see more spelling mistake sign boards on roads, streets and government railway stations, banks, offices, hospitals and etc.

And some roadside caution sign boards are with humour in it creating some awareness. And some other signboards are funny and witty with spell mistakes in it.

In meanwhile, here some epic funny advertise boards and signboard images which went totally wrong and made you LOLLLL   .

1. Tailor or Transgender Surgeon?

2. it’s not Past, Present, Future …… It’s FAST.

3. Reasonable Laundry.

4. Thought beer for Child? But it’s Child Bear instead of (Chilled Beer)!

5. They wanted to tell FAKE is Genuine.

6. Maybe space is not enough, so they trimmed it.

7. Way to Hell. (Thank you SBI.)

8. Vegetable can also write as VISITABLE.

9. Selling Dogs or Humans?

10. Sake of God it’s Prone.

11. Satifiket is Synonym of Certificate.

12. FYI its Snacks.

Awareness of humour.

13. May be Salman Khan is not aware of this.

14. Be a Mr. Late not Late MR.

15. Relationship between road and speed is being like.

16. Too Sexy

17. Wear Seat Belt

18. Wah’ for Rum lovers.

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