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20 Things You Probably Never Knew Were Invented By Indians


World great inventions and discoveries dictionary lo India and Indians inventions lekunda undadu. For example zero invention tiskondi without zero imagine where the world would be now.Ippudu unna technology ki 3G, 4G network use cheyyadam chala chinna vishayam. But soldering tool kuda leni time lo Jagadish Chandra Bose garu wireless receiver invent chesaru. Ee roju manam hair ki international brand shampoos vaduthunnam but assala first shampoo(base liquid form) kanipettindi kuda india lone. Shirt button nundi manam vesukune cotton clothes varaku anni world ki introduce chesindi Indians ae.

Here,is the 20 First Indian Inventions for you.

1. Yoga

Daily yoga chestey chalu assala ae disease ravu healthy ga undocchu ani prime minister modi nundi mana family doctor kuda suggest chestha untaru. Mari YOGA ni world ki introduce chesindi kuda mana ancient guru’s and saints. Yoga was listed by UNESCO as an Intangible cultural heritage.


Chess acknowledged to be world’s best mind game puttundi kuda mana daggara ae in 6th century.

3. Buttons

Manam ee roju world lo antha shirt veskoni button petkuntunnam antey daniki reason kuda mana Indians ae. Indus valley Civilization lone buttons ni ornamentals la and seals la use chesaru ani history chepthundi.

4. Ruler

1500 BC lone Ivory rulers ni Indus Valley Civilization lo use chesinattu history lo undi.


Shampoo is word derived from hindi word champu. Shampoo origin place kuda india ne, where our ancients herbs nundi tisina extracts ni hair wash cheyadaniki use chesay vallu.

6.Snakes and Ladders (Pachisi)

A common indoor game for indians from ancient days. Actual ga game indian name is Pachisi (Parcheesi) game made it way to england changed its name as Snakes & Ladders.

7. Cotton cultivation and Yielding

Cotton ni first indian subconitnent lo use chesnattu history lo undi. 1300 BC lo indus valley civilization appudu copper beads lo cotton threads ni preserve chesnattu history lo undi.

8. Zero.

We all know aryabhatta is the man who invented zero. But it was first used by brahmagupta and pingala from 3rd century mentioned word sunya in sanskrit which refers to Zero.

9. Game of Cards – Krida Patram (Suit Game)

The popular game of cards originated in ancient India and was known as Krida-patram. It was one of the favorite pastimes of Indians in ancient times.This game is recorded to have been played in Rajputana, Kashyapa Meru (Kashmir), Utkala (Orissa) the Deccan and even in Nepal. The Mughals also patronized this game, but the Mughal card-sets differed from those of the ancient Indian royal courts.

10. Cataract Surgery

Sushruta ani oka indian physician from 3rd century is used form of Cataract Surgery called “couching’ (a dangerous method of dislodging the lens with a sharp object). Ee surgery details anni Sushruta Samhita ane oka book lo mention chesadu ani history lo undi.

11. Diamond Mining

Ancient indians diamonds ni gemstones la religious icons ga use chesay vallu. Diamonds first recognized and mined in india many centuries ago along the rivers like penna, krishna, and godavari.

12. Water on Moon

On 24th september 2009 Chandrayan-I (ISRO), had detected water on moon.

13. Ancient Flush Toilets

Flush toilets Harappa and Mohenjo-daro cities lo every house lo use chesay vallu ani appudu aa cities lo drainange system ala undadam valana idi possible ani chepthuntaru.

14. Binary Code

Pingala was indian scholar from 3rd century developed a binary system for describing prosody in his Chandashutram.

15. Ink

4th century lo ne masi ani oka ink mixture with sharp pointed needle use chesi rasey vallu ani history chepthundi.

16.Steel & Metal works

Wootz steel is a kind of high carbon steel usedy by ancient tamil and telugu people.6th century nundi tamilnadu lo konni regions and golconda region lo steel and metal production start chesaru ani and akkada nundi srilanka other neighbor countries ki transport chesay vallu ani history lo undi.

17. VALUE OF PI(p).

Aryabhatta who invented value for maths constant PI (p). He mentioned value 3.1416 in his Aryabha?iya (499 AD).


In ancient times when there is no medicines to cure diseases. But our ancients find medicianl value from herbs and roots. Still some regions are following ayurveda and sidda medicine.


Wells in ancient india are constructed with steps in descending order. It will be useful for people to sort out water in pots in drought seasons.

20. Leprosy

Leprosy ee infectious disease ki 6th century lone Sushruta ane physician ee disease gurunchi tana book Sushruta Samhita lo mention chesadu.

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