This 2014 Re-Union Photoshoot Will Take You Straight Back To Your Childhood


The element of excitement and fun is present in every re-union. Meeting your old friends throws you back into nostalgia. Your only wish will be to travel back in time to re-live those times. Like us everyone has their set of friends who drift apart in course of time and catch up for re-unions.

That South Indian films stars of 1980s regularly catch up for re-unions is a known fact. The sight of those moments where our stars from the four industries met looks very delightful. The re-union that took place in 2014 was not known to many. Some of us might have seen them, but there are many unseen pictures from the 2014 Re-union. Looking at these images will send you back in time when you saw these actors all young and entertaining. They are entertaining now too!





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