232 Android Apps Including Top Indian Bank Apps are Under Threat.


Global IT security firm Quick Heal security labs announced on 4th January that 232 Android apps including top indian bank apps SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI and IDBI etc. and many other Virtual Cryptocurrency apps are under threat by Android trojan.

Quick Heal Security firm said that according to the researchers the malware known as “ Android.banker.A2f8a” fake link is distributed to many flash player links and automatically the link is installing in Android devices without the user permission.1 Indian Banking Apps are Under Malware Threat

This link continuously checks the apps on Mobile and injecting the malware which effects the users data on app by sending fake pop-ups while using the app and asking to login with their user credentials and the malware allows hackers to breach through the data.

Quick Heal Security labs suggests Android users to use reliable security apps on mobiles and never download third-party apps from third-party sources and don’t allow permissions to every app without looking at the permissions twice what the app is asking like Camera, contacts and location permissions.

A small suggestion from my Wirally Tech team is every Android user please do uninstall your current banking apps and install again from Play Store and if Possible it’s better to restore your device to factory settings and never accept pop-ups while watching porn and use incognito browser for porn to reduce malware on device.

If you found any links via emails, SMS or from Chat platform kindly ignore for better security and never use third party locking Apps as they won’t give better security to your device and use the manufacturers own security system to lock your device.

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