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25 Things that we end up doing when we are bored in the classroom!


1. Asking stupid questions to your teacher2. Listening to music without getting caught3. Mini militia4. ‘Flipping a bottle’ tournament among your friends5. Thinking about some irrelevant things, for example, “what would I do when a terrorist breaks through the door”.6. Trying to figure out how did that guy end up being in a relationship with that girl7. Throwing paper balls and other random objects on your classmates8. Try to crack jokes and make your friend a target of the teacher’s punishment.9. Cracking jokes on teacher among your bench mates.10. Art on paper or on the bench.11. Eat your lunch.12. Trying to write on your hand with a pencil after rubbing it on a nail.13. Tattooing a friends hand with just pens!14. ‘Pen fight’ if you remember15. Making various sounds which could disturb the teacher.16. Completing the homework of another class and acting like you are noting down something important.17. Planning for your weekend.18. Read a novel.19. See how long you can hold your breath20. Pretending to listen but you are somewhere else21. Counting the number of students present that day.22. Penning down the lyrics of your favourite song.23. Playing various games with your friend for example, ‘name place animal thing’, ‘tic tac toe’, bingo, etc.,24. Day Dream!25. Last but not the least, sleeping without anyone’s notice!

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