4 Groups And Events To Lookout For The Poet In You To Shine.


Poetry anedi oka goppa kala. If you got it, check this out.
Words tho magic chese vaallu ee lokam ni happiness tho nimpochu. Ala cheyyaniki kavalasina talent anedi chaala arudu. For those with such a talent, waste cheskokunda ee groups chese events ni follow avvandi. You surely might find a light to grow better and bigger.
1.Hyderabad Poetry ProjecteventsMana city is a place to celebrate love and life with language. English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu… prati okka language ki great importance undi. Eh language lo aina parledu, poetry ni express chese platform kavali ante…there isn’t a better place. They conduct events in the city where poets of all sorts engage in sharing their beautiful pieces.
2.Twin Cities Poetry Clubevents
This is another native group that strives to build a group who can promote and share poetry with an aim to educate one and all. Monthly okkasari they meet and share poetry in different ways. Hyderabad lo various events kuda conduct chestu untaru. For mentoring purposes, this place is something you should look out to.

3.Write Club Hyderabadevents
They are another social group who do not just share your poetry but also help you write one. Meet ups are arranged kevalam to help and mentor aspiring poets to get better by writing more, sharing and also listening. Prati meeting lo oka topic istharu and the participants write and share their piece. They also give you their valuable advices too.

4.Tale Tellers Troupe Indiaevents
This is a nationwide group but also operate every now and then mana city lo. Ochinapudalla they make sure to come with events that will make all you poets real happy.