5 Android Apps Which Will Make Your Life Easier And Smarter..!

By Vaidehi Rawool

In the earlier times, the three most essential things for livelihood were money, clothes and a house. Today there has been an addition to this list, the smartphone. With technology getting updated on a daily basis, daily life has been modernised by leaps and bounds. It would be safe to say that the smart phone is almost like an essential limb of us humans. The smartphone has almost fast forwarded the evolution of all of us. The best part about any smart phone are it applications, those simple user friendly soft wares that simplify your life. Here’s a list of 5 apps that make your life easier.

Squid : 

squ 3If you are one of those who believe in going digital, this is the app for you. Squid lets you write down notes, edit your paper and the best part is this application lets you present your papers on a projector, wirelessly! Take running notes, cut, copy and paste, edit PDF files; basically ditch paper and embrace squid! This application is very useful if you are student and more so if you are a working professional, you can sync or export documents from other accounts as well. Doodle, plan your day, draw, solve sums, write papers and present them all!

Jorte Calendar and Organiser :

jorte-web-100347531-orig1If you are tired of the entering your appointments in a drab calendar which you hardly end up checking, here’s some dash of colour for you! Jorte calendar has an array of services in store for you; from including your appointments to logging in diary entries, it lets you do it all! With a number of widgets and attractive emoticons, it upgrades your calendar to look more visually appealing and doubles your productivity. Jorte can be synced to all your social media accounts! With this application in your phone, you won’t ever have that forgetting one day problem!

Locish :

Untitled-2Want to escape from the daily grind? Want to explore beautiful locales and scenic places? Don’t know where to unwind at? Don’t want to read long reviews? Locish is here for your rescue. You can find anything that you are looking for over here, be it restaurants or pubs or bars or just a place to chill! Locish provides you with the most relevant results to your query sans the overload of words. The best part about this application is that it’s global in nature, so you can find the best places the world over! With reviews from apps like Yelp and Flipboard the added feature of Micro-review works best for a day to unwind.

Translator : 

googletranslateheader1Are you taken by foreign languages? Would you love to travel to exotic places? For those who either want to study foreign languages or travel to exotic places, Translator is the best bet! With around 40 languages you can translate to and from,  this app comes in handy whenever you are stuck at either a difficult paragraph or can’t make head or tail out of sign while travelling. All you have to do is put in the text you need to be translated and voila! Your job is done!

Waze Social GPS Maps And Traffic :

WazeWith Waze, you will never get stuck in traffic ever again! This applications works as a drivers’ community online, wherein you get real time traffic information, route changes in regards to any sort of accidents or police of bottlenecks ahead. By being on this app, you as a user also contribute tons of real time traffic information. With voice navigation and route changes, this application also lets you sync you contacts from your social media accounts. That way you can also find out about your friends’ ETA driving towards the same location. You basically cut down on your expenditure by out smarting traffic owing to this large community of drivers!

Go check these out..! And hopefully everything in your smartphone will start to make super sense.



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