5 Apps on your phone that can get you a DATE


In today’s fast-paced world, meeting someone outside of your friend’s circle and office colleagues has become very difficult. The old school dating scene is no longer prevalent.

In their place, smart phones have taken over. Talking has been replaced by texting. So why leave the dating world behind? Gone are the days of ‘Hi, will you friendship me?’

The skewed gender ratio is however, a huge concern. Globally, Tinder claims to have a Male: Female profile ratio of 55:45. In India, however, it sometimes goes to 7:3. So there’s still competition, guys! Keep your profile clean, try to portray an honest picture of yourself, and hope for the best!

We’ve done the research for you and picked out a few apps that you can use to meet new like-minded people around you:

1. TINDER:1 - Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app on the scene today. Its popularity is due to the simplified user interface. Swipe right if you are interested in the profile, left if you’re not impressed by what you see.

For guys – The sex ratio on the app is pathetic to say the least. The number of boys on the app outdo the number of girls by a huge margin. Finding a date for a decent looking guy on the app will take some time and effort.

For girls – Be ready to swipe left way more than you’ll be swiping right, girls. The app treats every girl like a queen.

2. HOT OR NOT:2 - Hot Or Not

The name of the app says it all. A profile is presented to you. You either say the profile is  HOT or NOT! The ones you say are ‘hot’ will be matched with you, if they think you’re ‘hot’ as well.

‘Hot or Not’ has an ‘Overall Score’ rating system, so be prepared for some brutal honest!

3. HINGE:3 - Hinge

Hinge is similar to any other dating apps. It promotes itself as ‘classier Tinder’. The major difference is the app scans your social circle and selects possible matches with friends of your friends. Like the friendly neighbourhood aunty getting you an arranged marriage, sorta! 😀

4. WOO:4 - woo

Woo’s tagline says ‘An exclusive community for Educated, Single Professionals looking for a life partner’. This app is similar to the apps mentioned above. Swipe up to reject a profile and down to indicate you are interested in taking matters ahead.

Woo aims to differentiate itself on the basis of its region specific results, and is specifically targeted at singles in India.

5. TWOO5 - Twoo

Twoo is an app which also has web presence – twoo.com. It has the same rules as Tinder – swipe right to like who you see and left to indicate you aren’t interested. Once you have a match, the ball is in your court to take it to the next level or dump it right there. Like they say, it takes Twoo to tango!

So go ahead, install these five apps on your phone. Good luck finding a date. Remember, you have to still be nice and charming to get a date. That doesn’t change!