5 Benefits Of Having An Onion For Your Beauty

Are you searching for a natural way to get a glowing skin??? Have you tried a lot of cosmetics & failed??? Then take a look here… we are here presenting a natural ingredient that is easily and widely available in your kitchen which can be added to your beauty regime instantly i.e, Onion.

Removes Scars & Acne

1. The antiseptic quality present on the onion fights with the Acne & other skin infections.

2. Apply the onion juice on the infected area of your skin & leave for 10min. You will notice a difference.

3. Also, combine onion juice with almond or olive oil to make a face pack to fight with acne spots.

Benefits of onions

Works on patchy skin

1. Vitamin C present in onion can remove the dark pigmentation and marks on your skin.

2. Onion juice combined with the turmeric helps to lighten the skin color.

3. Mix a teaspoon of raw onion juice with equal amount of gram flour and half a teaspoon of milk cream. Apply it to the skin and leave for 30min.

4. This is a very effective skin lightening pack.

Benefits of onions

Fights with aging

1. Onion is also packed with vitamins A, C, and E that are loaded with antioxidants which acts as a best nutrient for Skin.

2. These antioxidants prevent the signs of premature aging caused by harsh UV rays.

3. Onion also helps to make your skin wrinkle-free and keeps a check on other signs of skin aging.

4. Apply onion juice mixed with few drops of almond oil & apply it on your face. You will find a difference.

Benefits of onions

Heals dry and dark lips

1. Onion helps to make your lips soft and radiant.if you are trying to heal your dry lips go for onion juice treatment.

2. Mix onion juice with vitamin E oil and apply this on your lips before going to bed.

3. Do this for at least a month to get healthy, pink and pout-worthy lips.

Benefits of onions

Good for eyes

1. Onion treats your eye problems like eyesight, retina infections.

2. Eating onions can naturally improve eyesight as it has vitamins A, C, and E, which are essential for eyes.

3. Along with these vitamins, onion is also rich in sulfur which prevents the formation of cataracts, thus preventing our eyes from any harm.

4. Include onions on your daily routine to reduce your eye problems.

Benefits of onions

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