5 Best Pan Asian Restaurants In Hyderabad And Their Famous Dishes

Most of the time manam yepudu multi-cuisine leda Indian food dorikey restaurants key velthu untam. But did you know Hyderabad lo kuda multi-cuisine restaurants tho patu Pan Asian restaurants kida chala famous. Pan Asian antey enti ani anukuntunara? Pan Asian restaurants menu lo meeku Vietnamese , korean , Chinese, Thailand lanti countries lo dorikey famous dishes untai. Eelanti restaurants lo food regular Indian food kaakunda chala different inka delicious food dorukuthai. So inka endhuku late this sunday brunch or lunch ki ee places ni me day outing lo petukondi.

Mamagoto, Banjara Hills:

Pan Asian restaurants

one the first pan Asian restaurants lo okati mamagoto. Eekada dorikey prathi oka dish authentic cuisine inka original recipe ni follow ayyi chesindey. Mamagoto lo you should try Street Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, and ee dish taste inka flavours direct ga streets of Brunei ni guruthu chesthai.

Hitec Nanking, Madhapur:

Pan Asian restaurants

Indo- Chinese starter Inka main course tinali antey this place is great. Ee, place lo American Chop Suey inka chicken drumsticks Chala delicious ga untai. This place will never let your taste buds disappoint.

Malaka Spice, Jubilee Hills:

Pan Asian restaurants

Korea, Malaysia, inka Vietnam food tinali anukuntey this is the best place to relish your taste buds. Ee place lo Malaysian cuisine dishes chala delicious inka tasty ga untai.

Mainland China, Hitech City:

Pan Asian restaurantsfrom the streets of China Mainland China is the best place to relish some of the best chinese dishes. Ee place lo dorikey basil flavoured veg dumplings inka General Tao’s Chicken chala baguntai.

The Wonton, Madhapur:

Pan Asian restaurantsexcellent starters inka main course tinali antey ee place oka food paradise. Grilled Cottage Cheese Skewers, Roasted Chilli Chicken, Phuket Fish chala famous.

Inka endhuku wait chesthunaru go enjoy your meals today at these amazing Pan Asian Restaurants.

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