5 Best Verdicts Passed By Supreme Court In Recent Times

By Clark Kent : Meeru cinemalu chustara? Chustu untar lendi , e thikka prasna enduku adiga ante. Naku sudden ga oka manchi cinema dialogue gurtukuvachindi. “ CBI ante central bureau of investigation. Nee galli lo kaadu, Delhi lo untadi”!! a intensity MS narayana garu la carry cheylekapoina concept matram ade. Alage supreme court, e majya supreme court istunna verdicts chustunte gera gerlu ekkipotondi. Mana government politicians kuda cheyleni chala panulu supreme court chesestondi mana kosam simple ga cheppali ante chaddilu pagultunayi okokaliki. Ala supreme court teeskunna best top verdicts this year summarized for you in this list:

Now, it all started with this

1. Strike down of 377 section

verdicts passed by supreme court

The Supreme Court decriminalized sexual relations between consenting homosexual adults in a historic judgement,
Not only did it strike down a 158-year-old controversial legal provision of section 377, thus legitimizing same-sex relationships, it also signalled an end to prejudice,

2. Strike down of section 57 (Aadhaar)

verdicts passed by supreme court

The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act. Private entities are no longer allowed to use Aadhaar for verification purposes.

3. Strike three – SC refuses to re-consider 2006 order.

verdicts passed by supreme court

Idi enti ani anukuntunara? Simple supreme court government jobs lo reservation basis meda promotions ivvakudadu ani declare chesindi. They believe that okapudu discrimination on backwardness was there with regard to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities. Kani ipudu people have different perspective its time that they took it to next level.
There should not be a quota in promotions for higher services as they are already provided with quota in job vacancies.

4. Strike four- supreme court is to allow live telecast of court proceedings.

verdicts passed by supreme court

Idi super andi … idi oka major leap ane cheppachu. Mana judiciary system lo transparency maintain cheyali ani rule pass chesindi. Ipudu inka meeru court hearings live chudachu

All though it’s in pilot testing stage konnala varku only constitutional and national importance unna cases ki matrame live streaming jargutai.

5. Strike five supreme court scraped out the 497 section of adultery

verdicts passed by supreme court

This mean husbands are no longer masters of there wives.
Many people believe this is a two way street. Okapudu akrama sambandham petukunanduku 497 section kinda bokkalo esi dry cleaning chese varu. Kani ipudu sc icchina judgement toh adultery became gender neutral anta. So some say it may lead to divorces and others are in support of it. Nenu matram neutral ga meeku information matrame andistuna. So you can have a debate on it with your friends, read this and talk intelligently with them and have fun.

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