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5 Cancer Causing Foods Which We Eat Regularly!


Cancer like we all know is a deadly disease. Several millions of people lose their lives due to this disease every year. While most of us believe that this disease is caused by unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking or just passing over to people through genes, there are several foods that are responsible for building cancer cells in our bodies. Some foods are directly related to the disease, and some indirectly killing the cells that act as a shield to the deadly disease.
So, here are 5 foods that you must avoid in order to prevent cancer!

1.Canned Food

Canned foods are often considered as dangerous. To have a long shelf life, they are loaded with preservatives and artificial sugars. They are also believed to have a chemical named BPA, which is directly linked to cancer. They disrupt normal hormonal activity in the body and also cause reproductive and heart problems.

2.Potato Chips

This is a hard one to quit right? Crispy, inexpensive and easily available, potato snacks are our favourite kinds of snacking. But, these addictive chips just don’t make you fat but also release high trans-fat content into your bodies. They are loaded with sodium, artificial flavours and unhealthy oils weakening your immune system. Acrymalide, a variant of carcinogen is found in potato chips making them dangerous.

3.White Flour

We are often advised to skip the white flour as it tends to make us fat. But, research says apart from making us fat, white flour has several body harming chemicals. It has chemical named chlorine which can be deadly when consumed too much. Its high glycemic rate increases blood pressure and insulin levels in the body directly linking to diabetes.

4.Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar sure is unhealthy but it must always be replaced with natural sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners look fancy and promise various health benefits which are all false. They cause far bigger danger to your health and also make you put on weight. They also have cancer-causing toxins in them. They are also known to cause brain tumors.

5.Soft Drinks

We are obsessed with soft drinks or carbonated drinks for sure. But are they healthy? They are packed with artificial sugars, colours, chemicals and have absolutely no health benefits. Studies found out that drinking excessive soda results in pancreatic cancer. So, if you are craving for some soft drink, do not forget what you are feeding your body!

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