5 Crazy reasons people got divorced for


The last two decades have witnessed a sudden spike in the number of divorces. The tolerance level is on an all-time low. Domestic violence, disharmony in a marriage have become common occurrences. While most of the separations are due to compatibility issues, there are several others around the globe that end due to some very absurd reasons. Here are some very startling reasons given by individuals while filing for a divorce:

1. ‘His snoring has left me sleepless’:crazy reasons

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As reported by China.org, a woman in China could no longer be married to her snoring husband and hence filed for a divorce. She found that her husband’s snoring habit had left her sleepless. She had not slept well for weeks long after their marriage and hence was losing weight and eventually fell ill. The judge granted them the divorce and the husband had to pay the wife a compensation. To read more click here.

2. ‘He brought his mother to our honeymoon’:crazy reasons Photo Credits: www.Eonline.com
How bizarre can a couple’s honeymoon be? An Italian woman demanded a divorce from her husband just after their honeymoon. The husband was such a Mumma’s boy that he could not resist his mother even on his honeymoon. This news was reported by ANSA news. Read the full story here.

3. ‘She is ugly’:crazy reasons According to abc15, a man in China married a beautiful girl. Years later he discovered that her beauty had been enhanced by plastic surgery. When they had their first child, the man was shocked to see that the child was equally ugly. He won the divorce case and also $12,000 lawsuit against his wife.

4. Parrot told her he is unfaithful:crazy reasonsA pet is not always a man’s best friend. Ask the Chinese man whose wife asked for a divorce when she came to know about her husband’s affair with another woman from their parrot. According to a report in CNN, the woman became suspicious when the parrot constantly kept repeating words like “divorce???, “be patient“, “I love you???. The woman dragged the man to court because of a chirpy parrot. This bizarre story was reported by abcnews.com

5. ‘He did not like Frozen’:crazy reasons

An online news website, gawker.com reported that a Japanese woman could not tolerate the fact that her husband did not like the movie ‘Frozen’ by Disney. She filed for a divorce because her man did not care about the movie and he did not enjoy it.

6. ‘She kissed a horse’:crazy reasonsAs reported by Emirates247, a man found a picture of her wife kissing a horse on her social network account. When he told his wife about the picture, she was unapologetic and told him that it was just a way of showing affection to the animal and that it did not count as cheating! He filed for a divorce.

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