5 Creative DIY Ideas To Fit Library In Small Rooms


Meku Beauty and the Beast movie gurtunda? A movie lo Beast Bella ki oka incredibly beautiful library gift ga istadu. Chalamandiki especially book lovers ki vala own library set cheskovalanna dream untadi, so instead of going for some expensive ideas, we are sharing some thoughts on how to make your own library in small space.

1. Try to arrange a shelf for a wall and turn it into a mini library. A shelf may be me living room lo undochu or bedroom lo aina undochu. Find out a perfect place for it.1 Library
2. Behind the sofa. Me living room lo unde sofa venaka instead of paintings and other stuff, try to arrange your own library.2 Library
3. Me dining room ni koda koncham creativity to oka andamaina library ga marchochu.3 Library
4. Hall closet + shelves + overhead light + glass door = perfect tiny home library.4 Library
5. Me bed two sides, instead of tables, try to arrange small closets with full of books.5 Library