5 Easy Outdoor Workouts


Healthy body ni maintain cheyali antey good food , healthy lifestyle, regular exercises chala avasaram. Chala varaku manam fit ga inka body shape lo undali antey regular ga gym, walking, aerobics, yoga inka Zumba lanti physical exercise chestham. Kani long run lo daily same activity chesthey manaki bore kotey chances yekuva untundi. According to Fitness experts manam every 6 or 3 months mana workout inka diet regime ni change chesthey body weight loss ki help chesi muscle building ki help chesthundi. Regular workouts kakunda inka emi untai ? What is the better option to stay fit ani anukuntunara? Aythey meeru ee article ni chusi change your workouts as soon as possible.

1.Circuit training in the park:

Easy Outdoor Workouts

Regular ga manam circuit training gym lo air conditioning lo chestham, kani did you ever try circuit training in a park. With fresh air and early morning sunrise outside circuit training is good for heart and weight loss.

2. Mountain hiking:

Easy Outdoor Workouts

Regular ga mana cities lo hilly areas yekada untai ani doubt osthundi. But find one hilly area and start walking uphill early in the morning to burn that excess fat or the extra amount of calories which you had previous day.

3. Hot yoga:

Easy Outdoor Workouts

Hot yoga rooms lo yoga cheyadam chala fashion ayindi kani instead of artificial hot air, morning bright sun park lo yoga chesthey body inka brain functioning ki chala manchidi.

4. Aqua yoga:

Easy Outdoor Workouts

Land pyna unna yoga chusam kani aqua yoga enti ani anukuntunara? Swimming pool lo chese yoga ni aqua yoga ani antaru. Ee yoga tho heartbeat control lo undi, excess fat burning ki help chesthundi.

5. Beach or sand workouts:

Easy Outdoor Workouts

Regular land pyna workouts lo mana body easy ga cheskovachu, kani sand leda beach pyna mana body needs extra pressure to work out. Ee extra pressure inka force valla body excess fat inka calories ni easy ga burn chesthundi.