5 Foods You Must Avoid During An Outbreak!

It is often confusing about which foods are healthy and which aren’t.
And, during an outbreak like this, while we are mostly restricted to our homes, it is easy for most of us to develop a habit of binge eating. But how safe is binge eating during an pandemic like this?
Certain foods have a reputation for lowering your metabolism and making your immune system weaker. So, here are 5 foods that you must try to reduce the intake.

1.Sugary Drinks

1 Foods That May Harm Immune SystemSugary or carbonated drinks are the worst forms of foods to be included in your diet. There are several sources of sugar that harm your body, but nothing slows down your metabolism, the way carbonated drinks do. They also make your bodies lazy and drinking them regularly will make the bodies obese.

2.Low Carb Junk Foods

2 Foods That May Harm Immune SystemLow carb junk foods have gained much popularity in today’s day and age. They promise great taste without putting on many calories. But this is untrue as they are highly processed and are loaded with additives. All these foods will only lower your metabolism.

3.High-Calorie Caffeine

3 Foods That May Harm Immune SystemYes, coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants and has several health benefits to offer. They lower the risk of several diseases. But, taking too much of caffeine is not great for your body. It also results in dehydration, stomach ulcers and headaches all of which leads to weakening of your immune system.

4.Processed Food

4 Foods That May Harm Immune SystemProcessed foods are usually high in sugar and contain artificial ingredients. Ofcourse, they taste great and are loaded with flavours as they are designed for over-consumption. They are loaded with preservatives, colorants and texturants and are often found to contain refined carbohydrates. All these chemicals will slow down your metabolism and hence must be avoided.


5 Foods That May Harm Immune SystemUnderstanding the advantages and risks of alcohol can be a tad-bit difficult. But, consuming too much of alcohol can lead to high blood pressure and disrupt sleep patterns. They also lead to weight loss and urinal infections. So, in times like this, it is best to avoid alcohol.

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