5 Hacks That Every Traveller Need To Follow During Monsoons


It is true that Monsoon is one such reason, that every traveler needs to check the weather forecast twice. There are so many unexpected things might happen during monsoon. We are dropping few things that you need to follow during monsoons.

1. Try to keep everything waterproof
You should carry waterproof travel bags and raincoats if you are traveling in monsoons.1diy-rain

2. Carry polybags
Though polyethylene bags cause damage to the environment, it is must and should that you need to carry them.2diy-rain

3. Wear slippers and sports shoes
Instead of party wear and formal shoes, try to opt slippers and sports shoes without socks during monsoons.3diy-rain

4. Waterproof your gadgets
You don’t know what will happen in the next second. So, try to waterproof your gadgets. Even moisture will affect them. So, you need to be very careful with electronic gadgets.4diy-rain

5. Check local weather forecast
You have to use weather apps to stay updated on local weather conditions and forecast for a region.5diy-rain