5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Try

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, most of us tend to skip breakfast. It is because we usually don’t find time to prepare breakfast and lunch together. But, worry not, as we have easy and healthy breakfast ideas which will help you to not skip it.


BananasThe easiest and healthiest way to eat breakfast is to eat a banana. Nutritious and easily digestible, bananas are the best breakfast option for a busy day. It also boosts your metabolism and keeps you full.

2. Ragi Java

Ragi JavaRagi Java is often used in Indian households for its cooling and soothing properties. Ragi is loaded with health benefits like antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also known to strengthen the liver and prevents anaemia. Ragi Java is super simple to prepare and must be on your top breakfast list.

3. Omelette

OmeletteEggs are loaded with so many nutrients that it is crazy. A great way to start your day is by eating omelettes. Prepared in a jiffy, they are super delicious and will keep you fill. And if you have time for experimenting, there is so much you can do with omelettes.


SproutsSprouts are healthy and will keep you full till your lunchtime. They are also great for weight loss. Soak your sprouts overnight and in the morning add a few tomatoes, onions, salt, pepper and a dash of lemon. Your nutritious breakfast is already.

5.Protein Shake

Protein ShakeA protein shake is not your regular milk-shake. Made with cold milk or water and a flavoured protein powder. Shake it well and gulp it down for a healthy breakfast.

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