5 Healthy Substitutes Of White Rice You Should Definitely Try

As Indians, rice has been our staple food for centuries. But, research has found that eating a lot of white rice can affect your health. Well, it’s partly correct that white rice is bad for you.  This is because most of the nutrients are lost in white rice, making it only a source of carbohydrates. Let us look at 5 healthier alternatives to white rice, which you can add to your diet.

Black Rice

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Black rice is a rare and very old variety of rice which has been growing in India for centuries. It is mainly grown in the North East region and the southern parts of India. Black rice is full of antioxidants and fiber. It has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a natural detoxifying agent. It is also known to help fight diabetes, making this is a perfect alternative to white rice

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Quinoa contains the second most protein of any grain and has all of the essential amino acids that are required by the body. It is also naturally gluten-free and high in fiber. This is a healthy alternative for rice as it contains all the nutrients that white rice is derived from.

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Foxtail Millet are a great source of iron and are grown without the use of pesticides, they help in balancing blood sugar levels and they lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body while increasing the good cholesterol levels, they are super healthy alternatives as they contain many different minerals and protein.

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Brown rice is full of fiber to help your digestive system stay on track and keep you feeling full. Also, the thing with brown rice is that it is low in calories and they make you feel full for a longer time, so you eat less throughout the day.

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Barley is an important source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are not found in refined or “enriched” grains. Refining grains removes the bran, germ, and most of their fiber and nutrients. Also, research has found that it can help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

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