5 Instances That Prove How Adorable Couple Chay-Sam Are And Made For Each Other

Marriages are made in heaven ani kondaru couples ni chuste anipistundi alanti couples lo best example Chay-Sam. Goutham Menon ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ movie tho average telugu audience ni maya chesina Sam, aa cinema hero Chay ni kuda maya chesindi. Villa iddari madhya start ayyina ee maya seven steps (yedu adugulu) marriage ga maradaniki 7 years time pattindi.

Ee adorable couple Hindu-Christian marriage example okkati chalu valliddaru made for each other and their marriage is really made in heaven.

Here some instances that prove how adorable couple Chay-Sam are.

1. Onscreen and Offscreen fairy tale of love story.

Adorable Couple Chay-Sam

Evaru avunu anna kadu anna destiny is the thing where universe can’t ignore or oppose. If they were not together YMC lo act chesi undaka potey idi antha jarigedi aa no right. Aa movie lo on screen chemistry tho patu off screen chemistry kuda match aindi.

2. There’s nothing we don’t love about love stories.

Adorable Couple Chay-Sam

Present generation thoughts mottham living relationship, dating and small things ki freakout avthu breakup culture ki addict avthunna time lo ee celebrity couple fairytale love story is perfect example that one must believe faith love and fairy tales is the adorable tale of Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya.

3. Through their wedding they proved that fairy tales exists.

Adorable Couple Chay-Sam

Love story okay ippudu marriage, two families ni oppinchali. Assale Hindu-Christians and Akkineni family oka side varini oppinchi, hindu style wedding and christian style wedding. Ilantivi normal ga cinemallo ne chusi untam but they prove that real life lo kuda possible ani. Anduku kada villa lovestory ni wedding ni oka fairy tale.

4. From looking at each other to looking out for each other, they managed to make the whole world fall in love with them.

Adorable Couple Chay-Sam

Chay-Sam, iddaru okati ayyaru ika ippudu Sam Chay soulmate and moreover Akkineni kodalu. So ika Sam movies manesthundi ani rumors, gossips full hulchul chesayi. But ee couple ki em cheyalo em cheyakudadu anedi oka clarity undi. Chay prepare breakfast for Sam, Sam joins with Chay for fitness, they share things, they share movies, they act together, they travel, they look for each other., ila everything made for each other annatu ga untu couple goals set chestundi ee couple.

5. Their Instagram posts and some tweets prove that they are adorable and they are.

tweet 1tweet 2tweet 35.

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