5 Iron Rich Super Foods For Your Babies And Toddlers

Iron is an essential nutrient that is used by the body to produce hemoglobin, hemoglobin helps your blood carry oxygen and deliver it to all your other cells. Without hemoglobin, the body will stop producing healthy Red Blood Cells and your baby’s muscles, tissues, and cells might not get the oxygen they need. Iron also strengthens the immune system. The deficiency of iron can mean more infections, more colds, and more bouts of the flu. So it is important that your baby eats foods which are high in iron, we’ve made a list of best iron-rich food for babies, let’s take a look at them:-


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Beans are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron. A half-cup of white beans has more than 4 milligrams of iron, you can mash up some cooked lentils or make a soup. You can also try serving your toddler some baked beans with a piece of whole-wheat bread for a high-iron meal.

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Green leafy vegetables are a great source of iron, half a cup of spinach contains 3 milligrams of fiber, you can serve boiled and drained spinach for your toddler. Apart from that, spinach is also rich in vitamin C. This is important since vitamin C significantly boosts iron absorption.
Potato skin

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Whenever you’re feeding your baby potatoes, make sure to leave the skin on, Potato skins contain most of the nutrients in a potato, including five times the amount of iron as the rest of the potato. Potatoes are also a good source of vitamin C.
Egg Yolks

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Egg yolks are one of the best sources of iron for toddlers and infants alike, eggs are easily available and easy to cook and eat. You can include egg yolks into various recipes. This ensures that your child gets a healthy dose of iron regularly without having to eat the same thing every day.
Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is something that every toddler will enjoy, it is packed with iron. Using it with whole bread will make it a healthy snack at all times. You can bake them into cookies with enriched flour or add it in oatmeal for a tasty iron treat.

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Although raw tomatoes contain very little iron. However, when dried or concentrated, they offer a much greater amount of iron, which is great for the baby, tomatoes are also a great source of vitamin C, which helps increase iron absorption. You can make sauces and soups out of its are sure to be a hit with your child.

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